How it works for investor

Are you looking for people with great ideas? Or for somebody who will make your vision come true? The EnterpriseCall portal is just the right place for you. All we are trying to do is to connect talented people with entrepreneurial spirit with people who are willing to support them.

Only two easy steps are necessary:

1. Register with us - after quick registration you can use the portal immediately and connect with entrepreneurs or even other investors. We offer you more than a simple marketplace for ideas.

2. Find people or ideas - the portal helps you to target the right groups according to your interests. With your profile carefully filled in, you can focus primarily on calls you find interesting and consequently, expect the entrepreneurs to contact you with their ideas.


We understand how hard it is to find the right person. And since we care about your investments and satisfaction, we provide you with a mechanism for finding a reliable business partner. Before creating their first pitch, all entrepreneurs are obliged to take a diagnostic which provides you both with results containing important information about their motivation and knowledge in particular fields. Based on these results, you can easily decide whether the person fits your criteria for a business partner.