How it works for an entrepreneur

Watch Gérard Jones, Young European Entrepreneur

Got an excellent idea but no way to realise it? Are you looking for somebody who will back and support your idea? The EnterpriseCall portal is just the right place for you. All we are trying to do, is to connect talented people with great ideas like yours, with people who are willing to support them.

Only three easy steps are necessary:

1. Register with us - after quick registration you can use the portal immediately and connect with investors or even entrepreneurs. We offer you more than a simple marketplace for ideas .

2. Take diagnostic - our online diagnostic tool provides you with a great way to gaining important knowledge about your entrepreneurial spirit. Then, after the diagnostic process, we will tell you exactly what you are good at, what you might lack, and most importantly, ways you can work with what you have just learned about yourself. We will try to get the best out of you.

3. Create pitch - finally, it is the time to show your idea to the world. A perfectly crafted pitch takes it much closer to its realization. Once you create your first pitch the investors can look it up and your true entrepreneurial journey may begin.