How it works for an employer

Are you looking for new innovative ideas for your company? Have you ever wondered about the true skills your employees possess? Your employees are very likely to have many great ideas but they might lack the courage to voice them, and it is primarily the people with new ideas who will push your company forward. The EnterpriseCall portal provides you with a set of tools to find those people and ideas.

Only three easy steps are necessary:

1. Register with us - after quick registration you can use the portal immediately.

2. Create your company - when the registration is complete, you can create an organizational chart of your company and let your employees register here as well.

3. Start using the portal - now it is finally the time to create your unique database of company ideas for both you and your employees. We offer you more than a simple marketplace for ideas.


We understand how hard it is to find the right person or idea. And since we care about your company and satisfaction, we can provide you with an assessment mechanism for choosing the right employees and ideas. Before creating their first idea, you can start a company diagnostic for all employees which provides both of you with results containing important information about their motivation and knowledge in particular fields. In other words, the diagnostic will let you know whether the employee is likely to realize the idea or not. Or if they will need some help with it. Based on these results, you can easily decide whether the person fits your criteria and whether the proposed idea is actually feasible.

But that is not all, the diagnostic tool provides you with much more. You can do very quick and very detailed assessments throughout your whole company and its departments. With the collected results of your employees, you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your teams, for example, whether they lack motivation, knowledge or inner will, or which competencies they are failing in and much more.