How it works for employee

Got an excellent idea for your company? Are you looking for a way to make it happen? The EnterpriseCall portal is just the right place for you. In companies, we are trying to connect talented employees like you with the management so you are able to work with them to push your company forward. We believe that employees have many great and innovative ideas, but sometimes the systems are not in place to make it possible to put these ideas forward and have them realised. We want to help to remedy this.

Important: if you have not been invited here by your employer, contact them. It is necessary for them to create an account on this portal first. Only then you can register yourself, so feel free to recommend our services to your employer if you like.

Then, only three easy steps are necessary:

1. Register with us - after quick registration you can use the portal immediately.

2. Take diagnostic - our online diagnostic tool provides you with a great way of gaining important knowledge about your working skills. Then, right after the diagnostic process, we will tell you exactly what you are good at, what you might lack, and most importantly, ways that you can work with what you have just learned about yourself. We will try to get the best out of you.

3. Create idea - finally, it is the time to show your idea to the world. A perfectly crafted idea takes it much closer to its realization. Once you create your first idea the whole company can look it up and help you bring it to life.