As a potential or existing entrepreneur, you may have a new product, service, project or idea for which you seek support from investors, such as government programmes, support agencies, banks etc. gives you the opportunity to Pitch and submit your project to an open Call on the platform, or to share your Pitch directly with potential Investors.

Through the Diagnostic tool you will discover your enterprising talents as an Entrepreneur. This will enable you to focus on your priorities and strengths, and seek support on any weaknesses. Your Diagnostic can be a requirement for Investors to get to know you, and to decide whether to invest their time, money and effort in your project.


As an Investor you may be looking for new opportunities or projects to support, from start-ups to SMEs. Maybe you have a project, or an issue to resolve, for which you seek help and support from others? gives you the opportunity to seek new projects or launch your own Call. Interested Entrepreneurs can submit their project Pitch to your Call, or share their Pitch with you based on similar profiles (categories, keywords etc.)

Employer can be used as a Screening tool for enterprising skills in your team(s), as well as serving as a problem-solver or innovation tool, by encouraging Idea-creativity from your staff. You can create an account for your Company which enables you to screen team members on their enterprising skills. You can also create a Call, which can be an issue, challenge, or event that you present to your staff, in order to raise their awareness and start them thinking, so they can post innovative Ideas with new strategies that you can use to improve your company’s performance.


As an Employee, you are invited by your company to use the company’s account of Through the platform you are able to discover your enterprising talents in communication, persuasion, customer orientation etc. Your company can create challenges and events; asking for ideas and solutions from you by making a Call which you can respond to by creating an Idea.

My profile

If you want to share or submit a Pitch or Idea, we suggest you complete your Profile. In your Profile you can upload your contact details, CV etc. Here, you have an overview of all your Pitches you have uploaded onto the platform as well as a link to your Diagnostic reports of enterprising talents from the application.


In the My pitches menu, present your idea or project in a concise and attractive way. You can choose whether to keep your Pitch private or to share it with certain profiles. If you submit your Pitch to a Call, only the publisher of the Call will receive your Pitch.


If you have an interesting work idea or innovation in your head which can push your team forward, it’s best not to let it rest just in your head. In the My ideas menu you can present your idea or project in a concise and attractive way to everybody in your company and if they like it, they can support it. You can also submit your Idea to any Call made by your employer and in this way notify your employer you are coming with a solution for their trouble.

Call for pitches

In the My calls for pitches menu you can upload a Call as an Investor. You can either seek support from others (possibly on an existing project or an issue) or declare that you want to support Pitches (new ideas and innovations). By publishing your Call, you will receive proposals as Pitches from interested parties. As an Investor, you can make your Call public to anyone who enters the site. Try to make your Call as clear and specific as possible as you will need to raise interest in order to receive pitches.

Call for ideas

In the My calls for ideas menu you can upload a Call as an Employer or Manager. You can either seek support from others (possibly on an existing project or an issue) or declare that you want to support an Idea (new ideas and innovations). By publishing your Call you will receive proposals as Ideas from interested employees. As an Employer or Manager, you can make your Call public to anyone in your company. Try to make your Call as clear and specific as possible as you will need to raise interest in order to receive ideas.

Personality (diagnostic module)

In the Personality Module of the Diagnostic tool, you will discover your personality in terms of enterprise through a Colour association (CA) method. This method enables a screening of your intrinsic enterprising characteristics. The method is a scientifically based and proven methodology.

Knowledge (diagnostic module)

In this Module, your knowledge of methods and techniques in enterprising competences such as customer orientation and influencing others is screened.

Attitude (diagnostic module)

Your enterprising behaviour is asked for in the Attitude Module of the diagnostic tool. On completion of the questionnaire, you will receive a report with your strengths and weaknesses in enterprising attitudes.

Motivation (diagnostic module)

Are you interested and motivated enough to work on some competences? Here Module you can upload your interest.

Word-colour association

The Colour Association (CA) Method works by the unconscious matching of words with colours. The CA Method was developed, following scientific research, to identify an individual’s strengths and characteristics. This method is a self-assessment tool. After evaluating your answers and comparing them with the national norm, your characteristics will be precisely described. For more information visit


The application, is able to screen the enterprising characteristics and competencies in teams and individuals. Based on the modules ’Personality’, ’Attitude’, ’Knowledge’ and ’Motivation’, an overall, holistic screening is conducted on what motivates you and how good you are at it.


Selected entrepreneurial traits are habitual patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion. The general perspective is that traits are relatively stable over time and influence your behaviour. However, you can train in these traits. It is about challenging and changing your attitudes and it can only be done by experiential training.


Competencies supplement your personal traits and are skills which demonstrate a particular kind of behaviour. We have identified seven competencies which together cover all the most important features of being entrepreneurial or enterprising. These are flexibility, communication, influencing others, customer orientation, planning & organizing, resilience and problem solving. Being skilled, or not, in these competencies has a huge impact on your everyday life, particularly at work or in business, and, therefore, personal development in these areas is important for continual self-improvement. Improving your skills in particular competency is quite easy, involving training, practice and a willingness to change.


Assigning managers to the department allows them to see the results of diagnostics of their teams. Then they can work with the results and plan appropriate steps for improving skills of the employees. In such way they can identify what their team’s lack and which necessary support is required.


Creating the department tree is first necessary step allowing your employees to register because every person needs to have a department. But there is more. Creating a department tree (or organizational chart) is also a necessary step for reaching to the full potential of company diagnostics tool. When your create tree of departments according to the reality, you can discover, after finishing the company diagnostics, the strengths and weaknesses of your departments one by one. By assigning managers to each departments you can also grant these people permissions to see the diagnostics results of their teams.

Company administrator

In companies, company administrators (or company admins) are people with almost the same permissions as their employers. The usual scenario is that whoever registers the company account as an employer can share administration (see My Company in the menu) of company’s profile to some dedicated person e.g. HR person. Company admins manage the company’s profile (i.e. inviting people, managing people, managing ideas, calls, diagnostics etc) and if they are granted the permission, they can manage the company diagnostics and also see the diagnostics results.

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