EnterpriseCall was developed from two key principles:

  • We live in a globalised world, with improving technology, where we are able to share our likes and dislikes with our friends, colleagues, partners and the world in a split second.
  • Enterprising people with innovative ideas will be the ones stimulating development in their companies, community, family and society.

Through the use of technology, the creativity of enterprising employees and entrepreneurs will determine how we will work and communicate in future.

EnterpriseCall is an online platform that facilitates this by:

  • connecting great ideas from enterprising employees with the challenges and opportunities of their company, and
  • linking entrepreneurs’ new business ideas with investors and support agencies.

Our method is simple and specific. Take the innovative ‘EnterpriseCall’ diagnostic tool and discover your enterprising talents and skills - your personal qualities, what you know, what you do and how motivated you are to improve.

If you’re an employer – ask your employees to take the diagnostic and identify those enterprising people in your company who are willing to share great ideas, which they can upload in a variety of formats. You can also view their profiles and their diagnostic results, helping you identify training and development needed, that once addressed will improve your company’s performance.

If you’re an entrepreneur – use the results of the diagnostic tool to develop your skills and present your business idea to investors and support agencies, in a variety of formats. Your profile, your diagnostic results and your idea can remain private (as a work-in-progress tool) or can all be shared, letting selected investors and supporters see the great entrepreneur you are.

This application has been developed by a collaboration of expert organizations - Momentic and Petroc (UK), Syntra West and Syntra Flanders (BE), DAP Services and RPIC-ViP (CZ) and has been funded by the European Commission via the Leonardo programme.